Paris, London, New York, Tokyo,… you will have noticed it but the world’s largest capitals are full of luxury hotels! It is often difficult to make a choice because the offer is so wide! I propose you through this article some advice so that you can choose your luxury establishment in a capital city! A few tips to follow that will help you find your nugget to spend one or two nights of happiness!

1) The location

The first point to define is the location. The common point between the world’s largest capitals is undoubtedly their large surface area, often accompanied by terrible traffic that prevents them from crossing the city in less than two.

It is therefore essential that you define the area in which you want to stay. If this is your first time in the city, choose a central and convenient area that will allow you to quickly get to the main areas of interest, if you have already been there, why not define the activities (visits, restaurants, bars,…) where you want to go and choose a hotel in the same area. Or simply a district that you want to discover: this was the case during my last visit to London, I wanted to discover the Mayfair district from which I had heard a lot of good and I therefore chose my accommodation in the heart of this district.

2) Know your essentials

Each hotel has its own specificities! Some will be ultra urban, ideally located but often more cramped, while others will be located in more residential areas. Do you want to spend time in transport or be close to everything? You may want a spa to combine this city getaway with a little relaxation.

A glaring example in Bangkok is the swimming pool. Most hotels located in a very central location offer rooftop pools and unfortunately they are often small, with few deckchairs and much less pleasant. During my last stay last December, I really wanted to take a few days off in Bangkok, so I opted for the Peninsula, which has a magnificent (and huge!) swimming pool by the river. All this remains a matter of choice!

3) What is the budget?

There are several ranges in luxury hotels… and several categories of rooms! Depending on the number of visitors, prices can increase very sharply, it may also be that there are only rooms or suites in higher categories that will make you explode the budget! Even if you sleep in luxury hotels, the budget is a criterion that you sometimes have to take into account (especially in cities like New York or London for example where prices are very quickly high!)

4) Reputation

Some hotels have a superb reputation and a long history. I am thinking, for example, of the Ritz Paris that is no longer presented, at the Hotel La Mamounia in Marrakech, Le Savoy in London, etc. These are mythical establishments in which service and quality are often exceptional.

5) Luxury hotel groups

The largest collections of luxury hotels are often an easy and convenient way to find top-of-the-range accommodation around the world. Take for example The Leading Hotels of the World, it is currently 375 hotels in 75 countries or Relais & Châteaux, a guarantee of French luxury and exceptional all over the world with more than 500 hotels in the catalogue.

6) Watch the blogs

It’s hard for me not to advise you to make your opinion on blogs… because that’s exactly what I do when I want to choose a hotel. I like the idea of seeing the “real photos” not those taken by a very talented photographer who will only highlight the qualities of the establishment but also to see how it really is, which allows me to give myself a more objective opinion (with its qualities but also its defects because even if there are few of them, it is still the case).

7) Consult the opinions on the Internet

Overall, I always confirm my choice by looking at the ratings and reviews on a hotel comparator like FindHotel,… Be careful however to take a hard time because the increasing number of false opinions is commonplace and therefore it is often not of an implacable objectivity. But very often this makes it possible to identify certain elements to be taken into consideration in making the final choice.

With all these little tips, it’s impossible not to find the hotel of your dreams on your next getaway in town. What are your little tips? How do you find the rare pearl? Another element with which I wanted to finish this article is obviously the recommendation we can get from our friends, people who know us and who can give us good tips on places that they too have appreciated and that they want us to discover!

What are your tips and tricks for choosing your hotel? do not hesitate to send me your comments or questions in the comments or on social networks.